The Vision

Narrabeen FC Academy main focus is to create better footballers.


You will take your game to the next level through:

There will not be shortcuts to get there sorry…

Narrabeen FC Academy will make you improve through a professional and fun environment.



My kids ages 8 and 13 have been under the training leadership of Luca for this year and both have developed in major leaps with Luca’s supervision.

The boys skills have been enhanced considerable and so look forward to his training weekly.

Luca’s training is so highly recommended to all.


Luca has been an incredible coach for my son. He has the ability to see a talent and build on it. He has worked together with my son to identify weaknesses and improve them.

He is firm but approachable with the children, an approach I think has really worked for my son and his team.

They have just accelerated as a team and as individuals. Luca knows how to improve the individual player but still make them work as part of a team.


Luca came to the U11 Strikers at the start on the 2016 Winter season.

Right from the start his passion and professionalism towards coaching was obvious, and the kids quickly learnt to respect him and become engaged during their sessions.

My son Joel’s skills and confidence in the game has greatly improved and he has become a better Soccer player as a result of Luca’s guidance.


Luca is a fantastic football coach. He really knows how to interact with young players to get them to develop their skills.

My son’s football skills and sportsmanship have grown substantially under Luca’s instruction.


Luca has been a wonderful asset to the Narrabeen football Club, his coaching style brings that European football determination, passion and professionalism.

He is able to engage the children in a way that makes them passionate and serious about football – but also to have fun. We have admired his commitment to teaching our children and they have loved every minute of it.

The children look forward to every training session and every game, thanks to Luca.


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